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We are delighted to announce the publication of the video recordings of the international final conference of "Whistling at the Fake: The Crucial Role of Whistleblowers in Countering Disinformation" a NATO-funded research project aimed at addressing the gap of citizen comprehension of the forms, means, and impacts of misinformation and disinformation, as well as at empowering the public with the tools through which to identify fake news, including appropriate responses to such behaviors. Furthermore, the project focused on the crucial role that whistleblowers and other knowledgeable insiders play in exposing misleading and hostile information activities and increasing public resilience to acts of this nature.

The conference, which represented an important conclusive moment of reflection and debate included six thematic panels as well as a panel devoted to presenting the results of the international students’ poster competition organized over the course of the project. The event involved the participation of several high-level academics and experts from all over the world.

· Day 1, Panel 1: Whistleblowers as gatekeepers of the truth in the age of disinformation

· Day 1, Panel 2: Disinformation in times of crisis

· Day 1, Panel 3: Disinformation and the Corporate World

· Day 2, Panel 1: Disinformation, Scientific Integrity, and Whistleblowing

· Day 2, Panel 2: Whistleblowing and Disinformation: Exploring the Legal Challenges

· Day 2, Panel 3: Poster Competition

· Day 2, Panel 4: Innovative Strategies for Countering Disinformation

The international final conference, which was held on the 5th and 6th of May 2022, was followed by more than 100 attendees. Within the field of education, attendees included professors, assistant and associate professors, lecturers and senior lecturers, program officers, and researchers. In addition, the final conference enjoyed attendance from undergraduate and postgraduate students, recent graduates, and Ph.D. candidates. In addition, the final conference was attended by a number of legal professionals, including law firm partners, attorneys, legal counsel, lawyers and barristers, compliance managers, legal assistants, and national coordinators. Also, a small number of healthcare professionals took the opportunity to attend including doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists, and psychiatrists. From a media perspective, the conference was attended by journalists, producers and presenters, and media partnership managers.

The project was managed by The Manchester Metropolitan University and supported by several prestigious academic institutions including Boston College Law School, the Università degli Studi di Padova, and Tilburg University as well as a group of internationally renowned Impact Partners - Constantine Cannon LLP, the Center for the Study of Democracy, and Government Accountability Project. Whistling at the Fake was coordinated by its Principal Investigator Dr. Costantino Grasso, Associate Professor in Business and Law at Manchester Metropolitan University.

The video recordings of the final conference may be accessed online on the Corporate Crime Observatory #corporatecrimeobservatory at the following link:


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