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Samantha Feinstein and Mary Inman as the Head of Area of Whistleblowing at the Corporate Crime Observatory

To contribute to the celebration of National Whistleblower Day, we are proud to announce the publication of a special section of the Corporate Crime Observatory (CCO) dedicated to the phenomenon of whistleblowing. You can find the section at

At the CCO, we recognize the crucial value of individuals who report wrongdoing, particularly in the realm of economic and corporate crime. We fully support whistleblowers in their fight against unethical, unfair, and unjust treatment.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Samantha Feinstein and Mary Inman as the honorary Heads of the Whistleblowing Department, with a specific focus on the Public Sector and the Private Sector, respectively.

It is a true honor for our observatory to have Samantha and Mary as members of our team, specializing in such a critically important area as whistleblowing. They are both internationally recognized experts with extensive knowledge and expertise in whistleblowing. Their inclusion in our team solidifies a longstanding scientific cooperation that has been established over several years.


Samantha Feinstein is a Staff Attorney and Director of the International Program at the Government Accountability Project. She works on developing and advancing legislation that protects private sector whistleblowers, represents whistleblower clients from various sectors, and conducts research, training, advocacy, and public education for the international program. Ms. Feinstein co-authored the joint report "Are Whistleblower Laws Working? A Global Study of Whistleblower Protection Litigation" published in March 2021 by the Government Accountability Project and the International Bar Association. She has also authored several articles, chapters, and blog posts on the subject.


Mary Inman is a partner in Constantine Cannon's London and San Francisco offices and leads the firm's International Whistleblower practice. She specializes in representing whistleblowers worldwide under the US whistleblower reward program. Her successful efforts to introduce the US whistleblower programs to the UK were featured in the New York Times. Mary represents renowned SEC whistleblower Tyler Shultz, who exposed the infamous Silicon Valley blood-testing start-up Theranos. She is a regular commentator on whistleblower matters for the Financial Times, BBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Reuters.


The launch of the special section of the Corporate Crime Observatory (CCO) represents a significant milestone for our research platform. It consolidates years of intensive research and work undertaken by our members to study the whistleblowing phenomenon and support the cause of courageous individuals who report criminal violations or other situations of injustice.

We are confident that this will serve as a catalyst for further progress in the meritorious activity in which our team members are actively involved.

To celebrate National Whistleblower Day, the creation of the dedicated whistleblowing section of the observatory, and the appointment of Samantha Feinstein and Mary Inman as Heads of the Whistleblowing Department, we are proud to present the following list of selected activities carried out by the members of the Corporate Crime Observatory (CCO) and their partners in the past five years in relation to whistleblowing.


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