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We are thrilled to introduce our newest honorary Assistant Editors who have joined our esteemed team: Dr. Fabio Coppola, Li Huang, and Federica Nappa

Images of new CCO Team Members: Fabio Coppola, Li Huang, Federica Nappa

Fabio is a Researcher in AI, Cybersecurity, and Criminal Law at the Law School of the University of Salerno. He served as a visiting scholar at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, as well as Coventry University and Manchester Law School. Fabio’s academic achievements include a Ph.D. in Criminal Law from the University of Salerno. He served as an Adjunct Professor at the Specialization School in Anti-Corruption and Public Administration Procurement, as well as in Criminal Law and Procedure and Judicial Police Functions and Techniques at the Regional Police School. Fabio is the author of publications in scientific journals, both in English and Italian, and his works have been also translated into Chinese and Portuguese.

Li is a Ph.D. candidate in Criminology, Law, & Society at the University of California, Irvine, where her research is focused on white-collar and corporate crime, prosecution, and courtroom decision-making. Her dissertation examines corporate prosecution and punishment through the lenses of legal endogeneity and symbolic punishment to understand the underenforcement of corporate crime. Li has published articles in peer-reviewed journals in both English and Chinese. Prior to her Ph.D. program, Li received her JSM from Stanford University. She is a member of the New York Bar.

Federica is a critical criminologist and cyber security consultant. She graduated with an M.A. at Utrecht University in Global Criminology, after a B.A. in International Affairs with a minor in Communication at John Cabot University. She is passionate about crime research, with a focus on three main areas: any form of corporate crime (including State and green crimes), cybercrime, and Italian mafia studies. She has experience in qualitative and fieldwork research, such as interviews, ethnography, observations, and focus groups.

We are sure that their expertise and dedication will greatly contribute to our mission of promoting the analysis and discussion of corporate and economic crime issues, as well as shedding light on other forms of corporate irresponsible behavior around the world.

As Assistant Editors, Fabio, Li, and Federica, will collaborate closely with all the members of the CCO, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing and critical thinking. We value their unique insights, experiences, and perspectives, and we are confident that their presence will enhance our collective efforts to tackle corporate crime and promote corporate accountability.

We are honored to have them join our team and we eagerly anticipate the impact their expertise will have on our ongoing work.

Once again, welcome to the Corporate Crime Observatory team, Fabio, Li, and Federica! We are excited to embark on this journey together, united by our shared vision and determination to make a difference.


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