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Corruption and Justice Symbols

December 9, 2023, was the International Anti-Corruption Day. The study of the phenomenon of corruption and the methods to counteract it constitute an integral part of the research efforts that members of the Corporate Crime Observatory (CCO) consistently undertake.

For this reason, the CCO is pleased to share with its readers a non-exhaustive list of publications and events that have involved the members of the observatory in a cooperative effort aimed at studying the dynamics of corruption and the potential responses that can be given to mitigate its negative effects on society.

Publications, Opinions, and Technical Papers

Diane Ring & Costantino Grasso, Beyond Bribery: Exploring the Intimate Interconnections Between Corruption and Tax Crimes, 85 Law and Contemporary Problems 1-47 (2023)

Lorena Bachmaier Winter & Donato Vozza, Corruption, Tax Evasion, and the Distortion of Justice: Global Challenges and International Responses, 85 Law and Contemporary Problems 75-100 (2023)

Branislav Hock, Policing Fiscal Corruption: Tax Crime and Legally Corrupt Institutions in the United Kingdom, 85 Law and Contemporary Problems 159-183 (2023)

Pietro Sorbello & Stephen Holden, Developing a Working Model to Fight Fiscal Corruption: The Nexus at Which Tax Crimes and Corruption Meet, 85 Law and Contemporary Problems 185-211 (2023)

Sam Bourton & Nicholas Ryder, Corrupt Corporations and the Facilitation of Tax Crimes: A Review of the United Kingdom's Enforcement Mechanisms, 85 Law and Contemporary Problems 213-246 (2023)

Costantino Grasso & Donato Vozza, Submission to the thematic report of the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression to the UN Human Rights Council: “Freedom of Opinion and Expression and Sustainable Development - Why Voice Matters” (July 2023)

Victoria Gronwald, Should there be ethical guidelines for government borrowing? –

The case of FIFA in Switzerland, Corporate Crime Observatory (March 2023) 


Duncan Smith, Countering Fraud and Corruption in the Projects Financed by Multilateral Development Banks, Corporate Crime Observatory (December 2022)

Donato Vozza, Cryptocurrency and Economic Crime: An Overview of Ten Select Cases, Corporate Crime Observatory (October 2022)

Pietro Maria Sabella, Sanctions and ne bis in idem in the Italian anti-tax evasion legal framework: “Extended confiscation” to counter fiscal corruption, Corporate Crime Observatory (October 2022)

Costantino Grasso & Stephen Holden, Expert Survey Report: The Interconnections between Tax Crime and Corruption, Corporate Crime Observatory (September 2022)

Pietro Maria Sabella, Eni & Shell acquitted in Italian bribery court case, Corporate Crime Observatory (July 2022)

Costantino Grasso & Stephen Holden, Countering Tax Crimes and Corruption: Recommendations for Law Enforcement Officials, Corporate Crime Observatory (July 2022)

Antonio Gullo, The interconnections between tax crimes and corruption in Italy, Corporate Crime Observatory (May 2022)

Ina Kubbe & Morten Andersen, Tax Injustice and Corruption? The adverse effects that tax evasion and tax avoidance exert on human rights, Corporate Crime Observatory (May 2022)

Ruslan Stefanov et al., The interconnections between tax crimes and corruption in Bulgaria, Corporate Crime Observatory (February 2022)

Daniel T. Ostas, Tax Compliance Through Governmental Capture: An Ethical Assessment, Corporate Crime Observatory (January 2022)


Compliance, Avoidance, and Evasion in Taxation: The Role of Professionals - The Dark Area, (Corporate Crime Observatory, 10 November 2023),

Ethical Considerations in Utilizing Technology to Combat Economic Crime, International Conference: Economic Crime in the Age of Technology (ECAT), (Corporate Crime Observatory, 5 July 2023),

Tax Evasion, Corruption and the Distortion of Justice, Session II, (Corporate Crime Observatory, 21 June 2023),

Tax Evasion, Corruption and the Distortion of Justice, Session I, (Corporate Crime Observatory, 19 May 2023),

International Roundtable: Corporations, Governance, and Crime, (Corporate Crime Observatory, 17 November 2022),

VIRTEU International Final Conference, (Corporate Crime Observatory, 23/24 June 2022),

Whistling at the Fake International Roundtable “Mal- Mis- Disinformation and the Public Sector“, (Corporate Crime Observatory, 25 February 2022),


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