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As the world celebrates the International Anti-Corruption Day and the adoption of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders today, 80 organizations and individual experts, including the Corporate Crime Observatory, call on States to protect, promote and fulfill the rights of anti-corruption human rights defenders.

In an open letter published by Amnesty International, it is highlighted how anti-corruption human rights defenders – journalists, members of civil society organizations, whistleblowers, academics, and others – play a crucial role in the prevention of, and in the fight against, corruption and the promotion of human rights.

The document also stresses the serious concerns about the escalating reports of violence, threats, harassment, intimidation, attacks, and persecution of anti-corruption human rights defenders and the impunity following on from this persecution in several states.

As a result, the Corporate Crime Observatory is honored to support the meritorious Amnesty International's initiative aimed at inviting all UN Member States to, among other things, effectively respect, protect, promote and fulfill the rights of everyone to freedom of expression, association, peaceful assembly including those working to promote and defend the rights of other people and fight and expose corruption, and end impunity by thoroughly, impartially, independently, transparently, and effectively investigating reports of attacks against defenders.

Download Amnesty International's public statement

Amnesty International (9 Dec 2022) End Reprisals against Anti-corruption Human Rights Defe
Download • 195KB

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