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On the 16th of July 2021, it was held the VIRTEU National Workshop, which focused on Greece.


During the workshop, and through a series of questions, several experts were called upon to provide critical evaluations based on their professional experience about the relation between tax crimes and corruption. The discussion aimed at shedding light on systemic weaknesses within the context of contrasting such criminal phenomena from a legal and practical perspective.

Organization and Moderation:

Dr. Costantino Grasso 

Associate Professor in Business and Law at Manchester Law School
VIRTEU Principal Investigator

Dr. Lorenzo Pasculli

Associate Head for Research at Coventry Law School
VIRTEU Co-lnvestigator

The video recording of the event is available below. 

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National Experts:

• Ioannis Blatsos
Financial Crime Unit (S.D.O.E.) of Northern Greece

• Ioannis Morozinis 
Lawyer and Adjunct Lecturer at the Law School of the Democritus University Thrace

• Antonis Baltas 
Lawyer and Member of the NGO Transparency Greece, Former Assistant at the Special Ministerial Agency against Corruption.

• Christos Naintos
Financial Prosecutor of Thessaloniki

• Dimitrios Voulgaris
Lawyer and Adjunct Lecturer at Athens Law School

Project Experts:
Nikos Passas 
Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University

Vasileios Petropoulos 
Criminal Lawyer at Ovvadias S. Namias Law Firm, VIRTEU National Leading Expert for Greece

Donato Vozza 
PROTAX Research Associate in Economic Crime at the Centre for Financial and Corporate Integrity of Coventry University


The first session of the workshop was devoted to the exploration of the following topics:

•  The phenomenon of tax crimes;

•  The complexity of the legal system and adequacy of the legal definitions;

•  The potential deficiencies of the legal system;

•  The sectoral vulnerabilities to fraud and corruption in the area of taxation.​

Interactive Table of Contents

  • Welcome and Introduction (Dr. Costantino Grasso)

  • Topic 1: The phenomenon of tax crime in Greece 

  • Topic 2: Relationship money laundering/tax evasion

  • Topic 3: Transnational tax crime practices

  • Topic 4: Offshore financial centers

  • Topic 5: Complexity and adequacy of the Greek legal system

  • Topic 6: The European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO)

  • Topic 7: Actions against tax crimes

  • Topic 8: Sectors most vulnerable to tax crimes


The second session of the workshop offered a special focus on the following topics:

• The role of professionals as enablers of economic crime;

• Institutional corruption and undue influence on the political decision-making process;

• Effectiveness and limits of investigative powers and anti-tax crime/corruption strategies;

• Attribution of corporate criminal liability and settlement procedures;

• The relevance of whistleblowing and whistleblowers protection.

Interactive Table of Contents

  • Topic 1: Professional enablers of tax crimes 

  • Topic 2: Corruption, lobbying, and undue influence

  • Topic 3: Special tax treatment for shipowners

  • Topic 4: Institutional vulnerabilities and investigative powers

  • Topic 5: Revolving door practices

  • Topic 6: Corporate criminal liability

  • Topic 7: Whistleblowing and whistleblowers protection

  • Topic 8: How to enhance the fight against corruption and tax crimes in Greece

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