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From her extensive experience in food science and technology, as well as her roles at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Nestlé, Dr. Yasmine Motarjemi has become a prominent figure in the area of food safety, corporate responsibility, and ethical conduct.

Yasmine Motarjemi Guest Lecture 2024

On April 18, 2024, Dr. Costantino Grasso organized a Special Guest Session at Manchester Law School, inviting Dr. Motarjemi to engage with post-graduate students pursuing Master of Laws (LLM) degrees. This session was part of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics course and aimed to explore the complexities of corporate behavior in the food industry.

During the session, Dr. Motarjemi shared insights from her career, including her contributions to food safety protocols at WHO and her experiences at Nestlé, where she grappled with balancing profitability and public welfare. Her journey exemplifies the challenges and successes involved in advocating for ethical practices within corporate settings.

A central theme of the discussion was Dr. Motarjemi's steadfast opposition to corporate misconduct. Despite facing obstacles and professional consequences, her dedication to maintaining food safety standards highlights the importance of individual integrity in the face of corporate wrongdoing.

Facilitated by Dr. Grasso, the session expanded attendees’ understanding of the food industry's complexities and emphasized the role of corporate social responsibility in protecting public health. The insights shared during the session have been preserved through collaborations with the Corporate Crime Observatory and the Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Blog, reaching a global audience.

Covering topics such as corporate governance and the effectiveness of social responsibility initiatives, the dialogue encouraged reflection and conversation, fostering a commitment to ethical excellence in corporate environments.

The video recordings of this fascinating discussion are available online at:


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