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We are delighted to announce that Dr. Costantino Grasso - our Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, who serves as an Associate Professor in Business and Law at Manchester Law School and as an International Anti-Corruption Expert for the Council of Europe, was interviewed yesterday during the program "How far-reaching is the European Parliament corruption scandal?" by TRT World within their program The Newsmakers.

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT World) is a Turkish public broadcaster, which broadcasts in English 24 hours a day and is available in 190 countries worldwide reaching more than 260 million homes and 1.2 billion individuals.

The interview focused on The #EU #Parliament #corruption #scandal, which is shaking the European Union. Senior MEPs are alleged to have taken cash from foreign countries (including Marocco and Qatar), and in return, they’re accused of peddling influence on behalf of their donors. As a result, four people are under arrest, others are under investigation, and the impact could be far-reaching.

The other guests of the interview were Peter Wilding, who is a Former Adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron, and Youcef Bouandel, who serves as an International Affairs Professor at Qatar University.

During the interview, which can be accessed at the following link, Dr. Grasso focused, among other things, on several crucial issues including:


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