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Our Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Costantino Grasso, who serves as an Associate Professor in Business and Law at the Manchester Metropolitan University, actively contributed to a four-session anti-corruption awareness-raising initiative organized by the Anti-corruption Agency of the State Security Service of Georgia aimed at training public officials in the area of anti-corruption.

The initiative has been organized by the Council of Europe within the project "Enhancing the Systems of Prevention and Combating Corruption, Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Georgia."

In his capacity as a Council of Europe international expert in anti-corruption and good governance, Dr. Costantino Grasso offered a series of presentations on general anti-corruption concepts and relevant best practices focused on enhancing the Georgian public administration’s anti-corruption capability.

In order to achieve such an objective, he adopted a global perspective aimed at the same time at raising public officials’ awareness of the most problematic aspects of countering corruption within the public sector as well as at motivating the participating civil servants to become more vigilant against, and responsive to, the various forms of manifestation of corrupt practices.

In particular, his presentations focused on discussing and illustrating both tangible and intangible consequences of corruption, the intimate interrelation between power and corruption, and the crucial role that whistleblowers play in unveiling corrupt practices.

He also had the opportunity to illustrate the research outcomes of the recent research project VIRTEU funded by the European Union, which are available on our platform at the following link, including the technical report which focused on the findings that emerged from the Expert Survey representing an empirical survey that enjoyed the participation of 29 experts from 10 different jurisdictions.

Access the Expert Survey focused on the interconnections between tax crime and corruption at the following link:


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