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Fabio Coppola

Assistant Editor

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Fabio is a Researcher in AI, Cybersecurity and Criminal Law at the Law School - University of Salerno.

He hold positions as visiting scholar and researcher at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford under the guidance of Profs. Andrew Ashworth, Julian V. Roberts and Nicola Padfield and at the Center for Financial and Corporate Integrity of Coventry University and at Manchester Law School under the guidance of Dr. Costantino Grasso.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Criminal Law at the University of Salerno with a unanimous vote of "excellent", discussing a research thesis on "Criminal policy and sanctioning choices. For a recovery of rationality in comparison with the English Sentencing System."

He is the winner of a research grant in Criminal Law on the research project "Public Administration: simplifying decision-making processes, improving performance."

He as served as an Adjunct Professor in Anti-Corruption at the Specialization School in Anti-Corruption and Public Administration Procurement, as well as in Criminal Law and Procedure and Judicial Police Functions and Techniques at the Regional Police School.

He regularly holds anti-corruption training courses - in particular on the discipline of whistleblowing - for public and private companies. He also takes care of the scientific direction of preparatory courses for the qualification exam for the profession of lawyer and for access to the judiciary. 

Fabio is the author of numerous publications in scientific journals, both in English and Italian, and his works has been also translated into Chinese and Portuguese. He is the editor of numerous collective works. He developed and edits the collection "A year of sentences," which focuses on the most relevant decisions of the Italian Supreme Court and is published annually by Giappichelli.

In 2017 he was the winner of the call for paper launched by DIPLAP "Equality, proportionality and solidarity in contemporary criminal constitutionalism."

​In 2018 and 2019 he was the Italian Delegate in China (Beijing) for the G20 – International Symposium on Establishing the International Cooperation Mechanism Regarding Persons Sought for Corruption and Asset Recovery, with a speech entitled "The Whistleblowing 'dilemma' within the Italian legal environment."

In 2022 he published a monograph that compared the Italian and English sentencing systems (in Italian) entitled "Criminal policy and sanctioning choices: Ideas for the recovery of rationality from the English sentencing system and artificial intelligence."

As a radio guest, Fabio has engaged audiences with his knowledge and perspectives on justice-related matters, and has presented his expertise and insights at numerous conferences in various countries including:

- "Whistleblowers: Voices of Justice", held in London (UK) on 10 May 2019;

- “The Fight Against tax crime in the European Union Law”, held at Coventry University (UK) on 3 December 2019;

- “Fighting Corruption in Italy”, held at the prestigious Northeastern University in Boston (USA) on 23 January 2020.

Since 16 November 2018 he has been appointed as a member of the Group of Experts for pro bono assistance and advice on whistleblowing in favor of the ALAC Service (Anti-Corruption Alert) of Transparency International Italy.

He is a member of the Consulting Council of the Scientific Review "Direito Penal & Política Criminal" of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

​​He is the creator, co-founder and past president of the Salernitana Legal School Association, which is an indipendent associatition based in Salerno (Italy) of university professors, lawyers and legal operators who share the mission of spreading the culture of legality, contributing to the debate, the scientific production and the process of modernization and training of the future managerial and professional class.

He is also a member of the Italian Bar Association and the European Society of Criminology.

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