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Tax corruption is criminal, subtle, and dangerous, yet the dynamics are still not fully understood. It is also increasingly clear that corruption pervades the tax administration systems of several European countries. But how much do we truly know about tax crimes, corruption, and how to detect and combat these actions? Test your knowledge about tax, tax avoidance, tax evasion, corruption, and whistleblowing against 20 questions, and earn a personalised certificate.


  1. The quiz is split into five categories with four questions per category.

  2. Carefully read and answer each question before pressing the ‘next question’ button. You can go back at any time to revisit and change your answers.

  3. After answering all the questions, press the submit button to get your score.

  4. The system will let you know which answers are incorrect and you will receive a hint for all answers before taking the quiz again.

  5. If you have scored 80% or more (16 out of 20) you can save or print a personalised certificate from the project showing your achievement!

  6. Don’t use the forward and backward buttons on your browser to navigate the game, use only the buttons included in the game interface!


The aim of the quiz is to test your knowledge of tax crimes and corruption, and how to combat these, and to provide a good basis from which to expand your understanding by providing hints and tips.

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